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Karen's Realm of Random Oddness

I live in a world of my own, but it's okay - they know me here.

Not As Weird As I Pretend To Be
26 April 1977
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Basic Information

My real name is Karen (but I bet you guessed that one for yourself already), and I am currently 34 years old, and of the female persuasion. That is to say I am currently 34 years old - I have always been, and always plan to be of the female persuasion.

I am a Scottish lass through and through, and very glad to be so. I live in Edinburgh, which is the capital of Scotland, and in my opinion the best city in the world.

In appearance I am about 5'9" tall, and weigh... well lets just say that it's considerably more that Calista Flockhart, but considerably less that a baby elephant! I have brown hair (which is currently dyed a rather attractive shade of red purple pink red) which is mostly situated on the top of my head. I have four eyes, situated around the middle of my face - two are natural (and blue), and the other two are in the form of a pair of glasses that I named Ethan.

Special Information

Strengths: A genius level intelligence, and an extremely strong bladder.

Weaknesses: An unfortunate tendency to exaggerate.

Special Skills: The ability to type with more than two fingers, and a capacity to sit for longer than any other human being in history.

Weapons: A razor-sharp wit, and laser beams that shoot out of my kneecaps.

Obsessions: Trying to be the weirdest person I can possibly be, and those little mini-rolos.

Random Facts

I bite my nails. I own a huge collection of videos and dvds. I am addicted to diet vanilla coke - damn them for discontinuing it. I think glasses are sexy. I’m one step above tone deaf, but I love to sing. I really wish I was about two inches taller. I can’t drive, and I’ve always felt I should be worshipped by all the pedestrians out there for that fact. I still have my childhood blankey. I never dust. I think coffee is gross. I create kick-ass quizzes. I love to geek over a good spreadsheet. Chat programs scare me, but I am addicted to texting on my mobile phone. I tend to survive on various combinations of chicken, potatoes, cheese, bread and beans (I have added some forms of salad to this list, as long as I can drown it in salad cream). I love all the Cs when it comes to junk food: chocolate, chips, crisps, coke, cake and candy! I never wear make-up (except when I do). I can sleep more than anyone else I know (that's where I'm a Viking!). I like to memorise non-English language songs, even when I have no idea what I'm singing about. I dance around a lot. I'm trying to grow my hair really long, but it's starting to annoy me. I cut my hair. My hair is once again getting quite long and starting to annoy me. I cut my hair again - really short this time - and dyed it purple pink. I have two three tattoos.


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